Checklist for Buying an Energy-Efficient Home

It’s well worth the time and investment to include energy efficiency on a wish  list when searching for a new home in Westchester or Putnam. Here are some great tips from Dr. Energy Saver Westchester to help put that plan into action. Check off items for each house you look at, and you’ll end up with all of the information you need to make a sound decision about saving energy and money.

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1.  Inspect the heating, cooling, and water heating systems. Are they in working order? How old are they? Is the ductwork in good condition? Tight ductwork improves comfort and indoor air quality.

2.  Check the windows and doors for drafts. Are they ENERGY STAR® rated? Do the windows have multiple panes?

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3.  Ask about the insulation in walls, floors, and attic. What is the R-value? Is it appropriate for this region?

4.  Notice any mold or mildew; sure signs of excess moisture and problems ahead.

5.  Is the basement dry or wet? Notice the grading outside the house.

6.  What is the ENERGY STAR® rating of the appliances in the house?

housleak Checklist for Buying an Energy Efficient Home

7.  Take note of the lighting system, and the size of the windows. Large windows allow for natural light and can save on electric bills.

8.  Consider having an energy assessment completed on the house before you buy. Dr. Energy Saver Westchester will identify the problem areas and inform you of the repairs or upgrades you can expect!

Take a few moments to complete your Home Buying checklist for the NYC Westchester Burbs with the information here.

Energy Efficient Mortgages Ease Home Buying

Sometimes called “Green Mortgages,” an “Energy Efficient” mortgage lets you borrow money to help pay for the energy-efficient home you plan to buy or for upgrades you plan to make in that home. (They also apply to currently-owned homes.)

The list of upgrades covered in these mortgages includes just the ones you most want, such as double-paned windows, tankless water heaters, new insulation, and modern HVAC systems. For an up-to-date list of incentives in New York, visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency.

So put your home buying checklist to work. . . Save money. Save energy!

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